Loan with guarantee: how it works



Ever heard of the guaranteed loan ? This type of credit has been available since September 26, 2018. In practice, it is not very different from payroll loans, so we explain everything that is important to know before hiring so that you can compare with other lines available in the market.

Loan with guarantee

Loan with guarantee

The loan that uses the as collateral is nothing more than a type of payroll loan that is initially only offered to workers with a formal contract. It will have a maximum term of 48 installments and interest rates will not exceed 3.5% per month.

The decision was announced on December 6, 2016, by the Board of Trustees , a collegiate body that has employees, employees and government representatives, and is responsible for approving guidelines regarding the Guarantee Fund.

At the moment it is not possible to carry out the transaction in other banks , but Banco do Brasil, Itaú and Santander will discuss the matter with Febraban (Brazilian Banking Federation) at a meeting in September.

What needs to be considered

The proposal allows that when the worker asks for a loan with guarantee of the , it can use up to 10% of its Fund as guarantee and up to 100% of the fine that is paid by the employer in case of dismissal without just cause.

Only employees registered by CLT can apply for the credit in a company that has an agreement with the bank, such as the traditional payroll. The amounts must be requested directly from an agency of the Cashier.

Among the conditions are: have available assignable margin, work for at least 12 months in the company and receive the salary in the Cash, through Current Account or Salary Account.

The value of the installments is deducted monthly from the salary and, in case of dismissal, the bank can block the amount to repay the loan, eliminating the risk of default.

According to , the amount will be available for 36.9 million workers and the Ministry of Labor expects to grant R $ 126 billion of loans through the modality.

Unsecured Personal Loan

There are forms of loans that do not require collateral and which can also offer good rates. In the case of personal loan , for example, the worker can take credit by ordering online. It’s very fast and easy. In a few days the money goes into your account after hiring.

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