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Car Loan: comparison and criteria

  Buying a car is a big buying decision for many economies. Sometimes, however, getting a car is a necessary prerequisite, for example, for business trips and other everyday expenses. The public transport network is almost always inadequate and it is not possible to do without a car. In addition to the mortgage loan, the […]

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Loan with guarantee: how it works

    Ever heard of the guaranteed loan ? This type of credit has been available since September 26, 2018. In practice, it is not very different from payroll loans, so we explain everything that is important to know before hiring so that you can compare with other lines available in the market. Loan with […]

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What are the basic rules of an employer loan?

      The employer can provide support to the employee in several ways. The employer can provide a payroll and also has the opportunity to grant a concessional loan to the employee. What do you need to know about an employer loan? Borrow from the employer The loan granted by the employer is governed […]

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